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Cinema 3 - (Extremely Simplified) Example of Microservices in Python


Cinema 3 is an example project which demonstrates the use of microservices for a fictional movie theater. The Cinema 3 backend is powered by 4 microservices, all of which happen to be written in Python using Flask. For more information, you can refer to the blog post here:

  • Movie Service: Provides information like movie ratings, title, etc.
  • Show Times Service: Provides show times information.
  • Booking Service: Provides booking information.
  • Users Service: Provides movie suggestions for users by communicating with other services.


  • Python 2.7
  • Works on Linux, Windows, Mac OSX and (quite possibly) BSD.


The quick way is use the provided make file.

$ make install

Starting and Stopping Services

To launch the services:

$ make launch

To stop the services:

$ make shutdown

APIs and Documentation

Movie Service (port 5001)

This service is used to get information about a movie. It provides the movie title, rating on a 1-10 scale, director and other information.

To lookup all movies in the database, hit:

GET /movies
Returns a list of all movies.

    "267eedb8-0f5d-42d5-8f43-72426b9fb3e6": {
        "director": "Ryan Coogler", 
        "id": "267eedb8-0f5d-42d5-8f43-72426b9fb3e6", 
        "rating": 8.8, 
        "title": "Creed"
...... output truncated ...... 

To lookup a movie by its id:

GET /movies/7daf7208-be4d-4944-a3ae-c1c2f516f3e6
Returns the specified movie.

    "director": "Paul McGuigan", 
    "id": "7daf7208-be4d-4944-a3ae-c1c2f516f3e6", 
    "rating": 6.4, 
    "title": "Victor Frankenstein", 
    "uri": "/movies/7daf7208-be4d-4944-a3ae-c1c2f516f3e6"

Showtimes Service (port 5002)

This service is used get a list of movies playing on a certain date.

To lookup all showtimes, hit:

GET /showtimes
Returns a list of all showtimes by date.

"20151130": [
...... output truncated ...... 

To get movies playing on a certain date:

GET /showtimes/20151201
Returns all movies playing on the date.


Booking Service (port 5003)

Used to lookup booking information for users.

To get all bookings by all users in the system, hit:

GET /bookings
Returns a list of booking information for all bookings in the database.

    "chris_rivers": {
        "20151201": [
    ...... output truncated ...... 

To lookup booking information for a user:

GET /bookings/dwight_schrute

        "20151201": [
        "20151205": [

User Service (port 5000)

This service returns information about the users of Cinema 3 and also provides movie suggestions to the users. It communicates with other services to retrieve booking or movie information.

To get a list of all the users in the system, hit:

GET /users
Returns a list of all users in the database.

    "chris_rivers": {
        "id": "chris_rivers", 
        "last_active": 1360031010, 
        "name": "Chris Rivers"
    ...... output truncated ...... 

To lookup information about a user:

GET /users/michael_scott
    "id": "michael_scott", 
    "last_active": 1360031625, 
    "name": "Michael Scott"

To get suggested movies for a user:

GET /users/michael_scott/suggested
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