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Reading & using the docs

This is the documentation project for Umbraco. The scope of this project is to provide overviews of concepts, tutorials, example code, and links to API reference.

What's in the documentation

Getting started

Getting started is an introduction to Umbraco, containing explanations of basic concepts and short tutorials.


Implementation is an overview of Umbraco's structure and pipeline.

Developers Reference

Reference is a collection of API references specifically for developers working with and extending Umbraco.


Extending is documentation on customizing and extending the backoffice.


Tutorials is a collection of the more extensive tutorials used in the documentation.

Markdown conventions

The Umbraco Documentation uses Markdown for all of the documentation; please read about our Markdown Conventions.

Annotating a document

To add version information and extra keywords, every document can be annotated using YAML.

Multi version documentation

Every new version of Umbraco introduces new features. This means that every document might not work for your possibly older version.

Therefore we introduced 2 different mechanisms:

  1. The YAML metadata describing versionFrom and versionTo.
  2. The possibility to add multiple files about the same topic.

Contributing contributions welcome GitHub contributors

We :heart: valuable contributions from everyone who is willing to help. It does not matter to us if it's something trivial like correcting spelling mistakes, raising an issue or writing a tutorial! Every little bit of help counts and it all helps make Umbraco easier to use, for everyone. Otherwise, bug reports, bug fixes and any feedback on Umbraco are always appreciated. Look at the Contributor Guidelines to learn how you can get involved and help with the Umbraco Documentation.

License MIT licensed

This library is released under the MIT License.

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