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Advanced Multi-Featured Telegram UserBot, Built in Python Using Telethon lib.

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Ultroid - UserBot

A stable pluggable Telegram userbot + Voice & Video Call music bot, based on Telethon.

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  • Full Tutorial - Full Tutorial

  • Tutorial to get Redis URL and password - here.

Deploy to Heroku

Get the Necessary Variables and then click the button below!


Deploy to Okteto

Get the Necessary Variables and then click the button below!

Develop on Okteto

Deploy Locally

Local Deploy - Easy Method

  • Linux - wget -O locals.py https://git.io/JY9UM && python3 locals.py
  • Windows - cd desktop ; wget https://git.io/JY9UM -o locals.py ; python locals.py
  • Termux - wget -O install-termux https://tiny.ultroid.tech/termux && bash install-termux

Local Deploy - Traditional Method

  • Get your Necessary Variables
  • Clone the repository:
    git clone https://github.com/TeamUltroid/Ultroid.git
  • Go to the cloned folder:
    cd Ultroid
  • Create a virtual env:
    virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 venv . ./venv/bin/activate
  • Install the requirements:
    pip(3) install -U -r re*/st*/optional-requirements.txt pip(3) install -U -r requirements.txt
  • Generate your SESSION:
    • For Linux users: bash sessiongen or wget -O session.py https://git.io/JY9JI && python3 session.py
    • For Termux users: wget -O session.py https://git.io/JY9JI && python session.py
    • For Windows Users: cd desktop ; wget https://git.io/JY9JI -o ultroid.py ; python ultroid.py
  • Fill your details in a .env file, as given in .env.sample. (You can either edit and rename the file or make a new file named .env.)
  • Run the bot:
    • Linux Users: bash startup
    • Windows Users: python(3) -m pyUltroid


Ultroid CLI is a command-line interface for deploying Ultroid.

  • Installing -
    Run the following code on a terminal, with curl installed.
    ver=$(curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BLUE-DEVIL1134/UltroidCli/main/version.txt) && curl -L -o ultroid https://github.com/BLUE-DEVIL1134/UltroidCli/releases/download/$ver/ultroid.exe OR Go to UltroidCli and install the version release from the Github Releases. Add the executable to your system path as specified in the Readme.

  • Documentation - Take a look at the docs for more detailed information.

Necessary Variables

  • SESSION - SessionString for your accounts login session. Get it from here

One of the following database:

  • For Redis (tutorial here)
    • REDIS_URI - Redis endpoint URL, from redislabs.
    • REDIS_PASSWORD - Redis endpoint Password, from redislabs.
  • For SQLDB

Session String

Different ways to get your SESSION:

  • Run on Repl.it
  • Linux : wget -O session.py https://git.io/JY9JI && python3 session.py
  • PowerShell : cd desktop ; wget https://git.io/JY9JI ; python ultroid.py
  • Termux : wget -O session.py https://git.io/JY9JI && python session.py
  • TelegramBot : @SessionGeneratorBot


Ultroid is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License v3 or later.


Made with ? by @TeamUltroid.

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