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ULEARN - Open Source(FREE) LMS script in Laravel 5.8 and ReactJS 16.9

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ULEARN is an impressive LMS script which comprises of all the basic features that needed for online learning. This package includes responsive frontend website, instructor/admin dashboard with a backend template. Admin can manage every aspect of the system, while the instructors could create creative courses through an interactive curriculum with various types of course files such as audio, video, document and text.

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Key Features

  1. Laravel 5.8
  2. React JS 16.9
  3. Hi-Tech Learning
  4. Social Login
  5. Responsive Design
  6. Course Management
  7. Curriculum
  8. Payment Gateway
  9. SEO Friendly
  10. Videos
  11. Instructor Credits
  12. Instructor Module
  13. Admin Module
  14. Page Management
  15. Blogs
  16. Website Security

Demo & Credentials

Demo Link : https://www.ulearnpro.com/demo/

Role Email ID Password
Admin [email protected] secret
Instructor [email protected] secret
Student [email protected] secret

Access ReactJS Page

Login at the following link using the student credentials, username:[email protected] | password:secret


Navigate to the following link, to access the course learn page directly



In the root folder, find the .env file and change the following values


Through terminal or command prompt, update composer to install the dependencies:

composer update

Run the migration command to create the tables

php artisan migrate

Run the seeder to import mandatory values to the tables

php artisan db:seed


For contribution and customisation supports, kindly contact us through the Email ID [email protected]


ULEARN is open-source software licensed under the MIT License.

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