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A tight BPM clock generator for Arduino platform using hardware timer. AVRs, Teensy and XIAO support


7 months ago
  • force the use of defined object TimerTcc0 to avoid problems with xiao mcu timer usage.


8 months ago

fixed a bpm printing problem within midi monitor examples that freezes the microcontroler.


8 months ago
  • Example usage fixes for tick access on calback


11 months ago

Bugfixed a problem that freezed Xiao when using TinyUSB from adafruit and uClock library.


1 year ago

Thanks @mightycoco for the coded support/tests and @m-r-m-s for reporting and testing.

  • Xiao Support
  • Compile time Warnings fix


1 year ago

Clock generation and sync engine totally rewrited for better performance and timming.

  • You got plenty of more room to write your code at interruption calls.
  • Better clock, better slave sync!


1 year ago

Timer implemented to run from timer0, timer1 or timer2 on AVR boards.

Make use if you want to integrate uClock along with some library that already make use of timer1(the default and preferred uClock timer on avr boards).

You can chose your timer from uClock.cpp a #define code area:

// pickup a avr timer to make use.
// pickup only one!
// try to avoid timer0, only use it if you know what you are doing.
// 0 = delay(), millis() e micros()
// 1 = Servo.h library(any other?)
// 2 = tone()
//#define AVR_TIMER_0
#define AVR_TIMER_1
//#define AVR_TIMER_2


1 year ago

getTempo() fix for slave sync when receiving stop byte. this fix avoids getTempo() returns random tempo after stop byte received.

Thanks Matthew for reporting and debuging it.


2 years ago
  • phase lock was removed by mistaken on last release. getting him back!


2 years ago
  • revert back 32 and 16PPQN callbacks to keep compatibility. but give a try on polling method!