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An R package for teaching statistics from a modeling perspective


2 months ago
  • Move from deprecated rlang::with_handlers + rlang::calling to the simpler rlang::try_fetch
  • Fix generic function consistency errors (ggplot2::autoplot, pillar::tbl_sum) with current version (on devel build)


2 months ago
  • Remove data (all moved to the coursekata package). This removes some of the messages that spout when the coursekata package loads.


2 months ago
  • Fix print error where generate_models() would only print the comparison models for type III SS.


8 months ago
  • Remove references to Fingers data in examples and tests as it may be removed in the near future
  • Fix issue where using a model fit with an interactive term that has factor() in it (e.g. lm(mpg ~ factor(cyl) * hp, data = mtcars)) would result in an incorrect df (and related values) in the ANOVA table.


8 months ago
  • Deprecate superanova() as it was just an alias to supernova() (which was confusing for some students)


1 year ago
  • Fix issue where models with long calls (i.e. deparse(model$call) results in a vector of length greater than 1) would break the functionality of listwise_delete()
  • Change print method for generate_models() to look clean and comprehensible in Jupyter Notebooks.


1 year ago

Bug Fixes

  • Change the order of the pairs when plotting pairwise() so that the plot matches the table.
  • Fix bug where pairwise() would not recognize categorical variables if they were created by using factor() in the formula, e.g. pairwise(lm(mpg ~ factor(cyl), data = mtcars)).
  • Fix printing in RMarkdown documents where supernova() output was interpreted as a table.

Breaking Changes

  • Deprecate estimate-extraction functions: moving to coursekata.
  • Drop support for R 3.4 (we were only supporting because DataCamp was going to upgrade supernova if we did, but they never followed through)


1 year ago
  • Fixes issues with lintr causing R CMD CHECK to fail
  • Changes maintainer to @adamblake
  • Changes mislabeled factor level in Fingers$Interest to "Very Interested"


1 year ago
  • Removes supernova-vctrs from exports


1 year ago


  • Adds minimum version requirement for pillar (thanks @cedricbatailler)