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Clearly, I'm a lazy person (just look at what this tool does - it helps me figure out if I should order a car to pick me up and drive me to where I want to go).

That being said, as a lazy person it pains me everytime open my phone, open the Uber app, type my destination, and see the estimated price, only for my inner, responsible, cost-cutting, fiduciary-self to end up taking the bus all the way home.

I think we can all agree that it would be much more efficient to simply be disappointed before I open my phone at all.

Install via NPM

npm install uber-cli -g


Get Time-To-Pickup Estimates

uber time 'pickup address here'


Get Price Estimates

uber price -s 'start address' -e 'end address'


A Note On Address Identification

So the Uber API identifies time and price estimates based on a coordinate and not an address. In order to support those that don't know their exact coordinates at any given time, I'm using the Google Maps Geocoding API to identify coordinates based on an input address.

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