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A set of interactive TypeScript exercises

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TypeScript exercises

Start your journey here: https://typescript-exercises.github.io/

The goal: Let everyone play with many different TypeScript features and get an overview of TypeScript capabilities and principles.

Things to cover

  1. Basic typing.
  2. Refining types.
  3. Union types.
  4. Merged types.
  5. Generics.
  6. Type declarations.
  7. Module augmentation.
  8. Advanced type mapping.

Rules and principles

  1. Avoid using any type at all cost.

  2. Difficulty quickly grows one exercise after another.

  3. Feel free to send pull-requests if you've come up with improvements!

  4. Provide feedback to the creator of these exercises.

  5. Enjoy.


  1. Your contributions are welcome.

  2. yarn start starts the development server.

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