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Comma AI guy made a Tweet ;)

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Comma AI guy made a Tweet ;)

I made this:

Demo Screenshot

Demo Video

Thank you George! I am honored! Big thanks to the Twitter community and can't wait to see Twitter 2.0 develop. I do love working on cool projects so hit me up on Twitter anyone working on changing the world.

The Results

Challenge Results Thread

Version 0.1.3!!! SUPER SUPER GREAT NOW!

What's new?

  • Completed the functionality of tokens using twitter advanced search
  • Created way to define arbitrary search tokens using JSON
  • Added TypeAhead aka Suggestions Box for multiple types of tokens
  • Added support for non-text Tokens (dates, times, colors, etc)
  • Added support for client side suggestion sorting with custom tokens
  • Added Keyboard Navigation
  • Styling update
  • Attempt to hook in search clear button if it exists
  • You can now tab to select suggestions
  • Dark Mode Support
  • Works on mobile!


Copy and paste the contents of script.js into the JS console of any twitter page with a search bar (i.e.

Usage Example

I tried to keep the code/approach and usage as simple as possible.

Demo Screenshot


Feel free to fork and make it your own! Also I eat PR's for breakfast :)

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