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A sample Twitter bot - created by @ykdojo. This is part of the Edit Dojo project.

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Twitter Bot Sample

A sample Twitter bot in Python - created by @ykdojo. This is part of the Edit Dojo project.

Set up notes

How to install Tweepy

First, check your Python version with python3 --version or python --version on console (terminal/shell/command prompt).

If you don't have Python 3 installed (if the above command fails):

Either install Python 3 on your computer OR use something like PythonAnywhere (

If you have Python 3.6, you can just run:

pip3 install tweepy

If you have Python 3.7, run the following instead:

pip3 install -U git+

If the above command doesn't work, try replacing pip3 with pip also.

If you have Python 3.7 and want to use pipenv, use:

pipenv install -e git+


  • - This is the main file that includes all the logic.
  • last_seen_id.txt - This will contain the ID of the tweet that has seen last. If you see any errors when running the main file, try replacing the content with the ID of one of the tweets you want to examine.
  • - This file is not meant to be used directly. Instead, copy this file in the same folder and rename it to Then, put your Twitter API keys in That way, will be able to use this information.
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