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HBase In Action: asynchbase TwitBase client

Compiling the project

Code is managed by maven. Be sure to install maven on your platform before running these commands. Also be aware that HBase is not yet supported on the OpenJDK platform, the default JVM installed on most modern Linux distributions. You'll want to install the Oracle (Sun) Java 6 runtime and make sure it's configured on your $PATH before you continue. Again, on Ubuntu, you may find the oab-java6 utility to be of use.

To build a self-contained jar:

$ mvn package

The jar created using this by default will allow you to interact with HBase running in standalone mode on your local machine. If you want to interact with a remote (possibly fully distributed) HBase deployment, you need to edit the HBaseClient constructor in the source and recompile the jar.

Using the asynchbase TwitBase client

This client uses asynchbase for communication with HBase. The client assumes you have an existing TwitBase schema containing User data. Run the application with this command:

$ java -cp target/twitbase-async-1.0.0.jar \
  HBaseIA.TwitBase.AsyncUsersTool update


Copyright (C) 2012 Nick Dimiduk, Amandeep Khurana

Distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0, the same as HBase.

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