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A simple and spectacular photo-tweeting birdhouse

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Twisitor is a simple and spectacular photo-tweeting birdhouse.

It's developed as a Chrome application (extension).


Getting Started

To get started, simply install Twisitor locally:

  • Visit chrome:extensions in Google Chrome
  • Check the "Developer mode" checkbox
  • Click the "Load unpacked extension..." button
  • Select the app directory, at <PROJECT_ROOT>/app
  • Select the Window->Extensions page and setup Twisitor options
  • Open a new tab and within there you can launch Twisitor

Launch Twisitor



The first thing to do is to select your pre-populated tweets.

Twisitor Pre-populated Tweets

These are the messages displayed after taking a picture.

Note: {handles} is used as a the template for user specified Twitter handles

Tweet Location

Enter the optional location (using a placeid) your tweets should come from:

Twisitor OAuth Settings

Note: You can optionally use browser geolocation support to get your location.

Shutter Time

Enter your shutter time in seconds:

Twisitor Shutter Timer

OAuth Settings

Fill in your OAuth settings for your Twitter account and application:

Twisitor OAuth Settings

If you haven't done this before, create a new twitter application here:

Lego Birdhouse

We have open sourced the design of our traveling Lego birdhouse:

Twisitor Lego Birdhouse

See the LEGO Birdhouse README for more information.

You can also open the LXF file in Lego Digital Designer.

Kiosk Mode

Are you running in Kiosk Mode?

Make sure Chrome was started with --disable-dev-tools

Another option is to:

  • Edit /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Preferences
  • Add disabled: true to devtools

Authors and Contributors

A special thanks to:

  • Nick Fisher
  • Adam Nace
  • Laura Chan
  • Olga Safronova
  • Louise Chow
  • Adelin Cai
  • Henna Kermani
  • Bryan Innes
  • Doug Grismore (for the lego birdhouse)


Copyright 2013 Twitter, Inc and other contributors.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0:

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