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Bayesian inference with probabilistic programming.

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Getting Started

Turing's home page, with links to everything you'll need to use Turing, is available at:


What's changed recently?

See releases.

Want to contribute?

Turing was originally created and is now managed by Hong Ge. Current and past Turing team members include Hong Ge, Kai Xu, Martin Trapp, Mohamed Tarek, Cameron Pfiffer, Tor Fjelde. You can see the complete list on Github: https://github.com/TuringLang/Turing.jl/graphs/contributors.

Turing is an open source project so if you feel you have some relevant skills and are interested in contributing, please get in touch. See the Contributing page for details on the process. You can contribute by opening issues on Github, implementing things yourself, and making a pull request. We would also appreciate example models written using Turing.

Issues and Discussions

Issues related to bugs and feature requests are welcome on the issues page, while discussions and questions about statistical applications and theory should place on the Discussions page or our channel (#turing) in the Julia Slack chat. If you do not have an invitation to Julia's Slack, you can get one by going here.

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