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This is a continuation of the excellent TumblrSharp C# Library developed by the community.


Please refer to the Wiki to learn how to use TumblrSharp. A complete documentation can be found here.


TumblrSharp is a very nicely designed library, and perhaps the only usable C# library that currently exists. However, development for the Codeplex project stopped in 2014. While using the library, I've noticed several bugs which I'll fix and post to this repository.

What has been fixed in this new version?

If you download the old TumblrSharp version off of CodePlex or NuGet, you won't get any of the fixes this libary provides - most notably, support for Asks and Submissions.

  • Errors with getting submission posts and their new post state type
  • Allow posts to be sent with a published state, which is currently the only way to publish asks
  • New CreateAnswer method on PostData class allows for editing and publishing asks
  • Eliminated superfluous constructor overloads in PostData methods, allowing for shorter, more maintainable code
  • Eliminated unnecessary required parameters like title or body from a text post, as they are not required by the Tumblr API.
  • Opted for default values in PostData. This is important because specifying something simple like a PostCreationState on a photo post would require possibly unneeded data, like tags.
  • Move everything into a PCL for maximum compatibility.
  • Getting dashboard posts after a date rather than before
  • "Reblogged from" broken
  • Add Reblog Trail support

What needs to be implemented?

  • Better documentation
  • Examples of how to use the library

What will not be implemented?

  • Chat
  • Activity

(This is due to restrictions to the V2 API. These endpoints exist but can only be accessed with the official Tumblr app API key).


Version 1.1.*

  • Advanced testings
  • Advanced supported plattform

Version 1.2.0.*

  • NetStandard 2.0
  • supported HttpClientFactory
  • Example for Asp.Net, Azure Function
  • Api-Documentation

Version 2.0

  • Support Neues Post Format (npf)
  • Create / Edit / Fetch Post for npf

Which platforms are supported?


Please feel free to contribute if you find any problems / have any features.

Things that are needed and would be super appreciated:

  • Bug Fixes of any kind
  • Unit Testing
  • Wiki contributions and examples


  • You can find the latest NuGet package here. An automated build system will push a new NuGet package when a tagged commit is merged into the master branch.
  • Manual download from here, to install show wiki


TumblrSharp follows the MIT License.

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