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This is a project aiming to get the X-Wing miniatures game playable and enjoyable as a free, open, custom mod for Tabletop Simulator game by Berserk.

This code is built into the latest release of X-Wing Unified mod on Steam Workshop.
Start out with it:

Current features include:

  • Automation or assistance for most operations:
    • All movement options automated, including ship and obstacle overlap handling
    • Smart dials that indicate its owner and allow you to quickly take actions using simple buttons
    • Built in rulers for arc/range checking without manually aligning classic range ruler
    • Dropping bombs made easy - your tokens will stick to the desired position without manual alignment
    • Assistance on decloaks, base actuation after decloaks or barrel rolls etc.
    • And many more little features that let you focus on the game itself
  • Squad Building tray:
    • Import your equads from most popular online list builders (like or Geordanr (YASB) builder) in just few clicks - all game components included
    • Quickly search for any existing upgrades/pilots/models by their name (or its part, or its shorthand) and spawn them with one click
    • Explore and browse game components freely - named, laid out by type and grouped in decks
  • Rules & Help tray:
    • Access latest FAQ and Rules Reference books and Quick Reference cards
    • Watch the official X-Wing tutorial video and acces Learn to Play booklet in-game
    • Browse this mod knowledgebase (
  • And more:
    • No rules enforcement - play standard format, furballs, escalation, whatever you come up with
    • Every token, dice, card available on hand with infinite supply
    • All assistance/automation is optional - play the way you want to
    • Active developement focused on keeping the table up to date, stable and robust
  • Native TTS features (for any game you play on it):
    • Interact with objects freely - name, pick up, color, draw on, put decals, ....
    • Use voice comms or chat and visual/audio indicators to communicate as you prefer
    • Lock objects, adjust their position/orientation in great detail, no more accidentally knocking over things meant to be in place
    • Many other manipulation tools to make the game feel like a real tabletop... with some bonuses

All info can be found at its wiki:

Tabletop Simulator on Steam:

You can download and use the mod by subscribing to this item:

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