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Convert images to a styled, minimal representation, quickly with NumPy

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tritonize is a Python 2.7/3.6 script which allows users to convert images to a styled, minimal representation, quickly with NumPy, even on large 12MP+ images. The script uses sigmoid thresholding to split a given image into 3 (or more) regions of distinct colors, and applies user-defined colors to the image instead; this transformation results in a style similar to that of the famous Barack Obama "Hope" poster.

You can also use transparent RGBA colors to make semitransparent images, which can be placed on top of a solid background or gradient like spring, Spectral, and inferno for even cooler effects:

The script will generate images and store them in a tritonize folder for each possible permutation of the given colors such that the user can choose the best result: for 3 colors, that is 6 images; for 4 colors, 24 images; for 5 colors, 120 images.


The tritonize script is used from the command line:

python -i Lenna.png -c "#1a1a1a" "#FFFFFF" "#2c3e50" -b 10
python -i Lenna.png -c "(0, 0, 0, 0)" "(26, 26, 26, 255)" "(255, 255, 255, 255)" -b 4 -p "spring"
  • the -i/--image required parameter specifies the image file.
  • the -c/--color required parameter specified the color, followed by quote-wrapped hexidecimal, 3-element RGB, or 4-element RGBA color representations. [NB: the last RGBA parameter is scaled from 0 to 255]
  • the -b/--blur optional parameter controls the blur strength per megapixel (default: 4)
  • the -bg/--background optional parameter sets the background color (only relevant if any colors are transparent)
  • the -p/--palette optional parameter sets a horizontal gradient using a palette from the matplotlib palettes (only relevant if any colors are transparent)

See the examples folder for more examples.


numpy, scipy, PIL/Pillow, matplotlib


  • Add direction changing of gradient


Max Woolf (@minimaxir)


User martineau on Stack Overflow for an easy method of converting color hex strings to triplets.



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