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Trill is a single-node query processor for temporal or streaming data.

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Trill is a high-performance one-pass in-memory streaming analytics engine from Microsoft Research. It can handle both real-time and offline data, and is based on a temporal data and query model. Trill can be used as a streaming engine, a lightweight in-memory relational engine, and as a progressive query processor (for early query results on partial data).

Getting Started

Building Trill

  1. Of course, the sources are right here!
  2. Clone the Repo and make sure you have Visual Studio 2017 installed
  3. Open Trill.sln solution available in ./Sources with Visual Studio 2017
  4. Build Trill

Samples using Trill

If you don't want to compile Trill yourself, you can get binaries from our NuGet feed. Samples of Trill usage are available at our samples repository. Make sure you start from the Hello World sample to get confident with Trill.

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You can create Git issues in this repo, or contact the team using this email.


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