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Integration between Trello and HipChat: send Trello activity notifications to HipChat rooms

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Integrate Trello and HipChat

Send important Trello activity logs to HipChat rooms.

This program will monitor multiple Trello boards/lists and send notifications to multiple HipChat rooms. You can monitor a whole board, or just a specific subset of lists within it.

Currently, the following Trello activities are notified for all the specified lists/boards:

  • Creation of a card
  • Comments being added to a card
  • Attachments being added to a card
  • Moves of cards between lists, if etiher the old or the new list is among the monitored ones
  • Completion of checklist items within a card

This subset of actions (with a carefully tuned whitelist of lists) should give a good balance and report important notifications to the whole development team.

How to install

  • Copy the program to some Linux server you have access to.

  • Copy the sample configuration from trello-hipchat.cfg.sample to trello-hipchat.cfg.

  • Go through the configuration, read the comments and follow all the instructions to get all the required API keys, tokens, IDs, etc.

  • Run within cron. You can use crontab -e to edit the current user's crontab file, and add a line like this to run the program every minute and redirect its logs to syslog:

     * * * * * /path/to/ 2>&1 | logger
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