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Traffique. Real-time traffic information on Google App Engine

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Traffique. Real-time traffic information

What is it?

Traffique is an open source app for Google App Engine. It allows you to see your website's visitors in real-time. You can instantly see their estimated location and the traffic volume.

Want to try it?

Have a look at the public demo instance at Access to Traffique is limited to app administrators by default. Traffique is limited to 20 concurrent observers to ensure performance.

How does it work?

You include the single pixel image on your website (or e-mail, or whatever you want to track). Then you open Traffique and see all page-views in real-time.

Use it on your own website!

You can install Traffique on your own App Engine account in 7 steps:

  1. Download the latest Traffique distribution zip and unzip it on your hard-drive. Download location:
  2. Download and install the App Engine SDK for Python for your platform at
  3. Create a new application on the App Engine website and choose your own application identifier.
  4. Open app.yaml. Change the application: <your application id here> to refer to the app id you chose at the first step.
  5. Register at and create a free API key. This key is needed to enable the app to estimate a user's location.
  6. Open Change the line IPINFO_API_KEY = '<your ipinfo api key here>' to include your API key.
  7. Add the Traffique folder to the App Engine Launcher (File > Add Existing Application) from the App Engine SDK and choose "Deploy".


This app has not been tested on high-volume websites and should not be used as such. Since there is no Nagle-algorithm present, each request results in a single message to be sent to all observers. It is unknown how this affects the performance in case of a large number of visitors.

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