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The Catena-X alliance sees itself as an extensible ecosystem in which automotive manufacturers and suppliers, dealer associations and equipment suppliers, including the providers of applications, platforms and infrastructure, can all participate equally. The purpose of Catena-X is to create a uniform standard for information and data-sharing throughout the entire automotive value chain.

For the open source project we use Tractus-X instead of Catena-X as a name because the alliance wants to keep its name as a trademark and this project is the first of a series of further projects of the Catena-X alliance.


In the first phase, the Catena-X pilot projects are focused on five areas of application which have been jointly defined. With the help of a networked data infrastructure, these application areas can significantly help to boost productivity and improve sustainability along future value chains. The five areas are quality management, logistics, maintenance, supply chain management and sustainability. Applications supporting production and development are planned for future phases.

The data network will create an important starting point for the industry to respond more efficiently to the challenges of digital transformation and to make better use of the opportunities offered by digitalisation.


The companies involved want to increase the automotive industry’s competitiveness, improve efficiency through industry-specific cooperation and accelerate company processes through standardization and access to information and data. A special focus is also on SMEs, whose active participation is of central importance for the network’s success. That is why Catena-X has been conceived from the outset as an open network with solutions ready for SMEs, where these companies will be able to participate quickly and with little IT infrastructure investment.


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