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Trackbook - Movement Recorder for Android


4 years ago
  • updated translations
  • minor bug fixes (e.g. plausibility check for the first location)


4 years ago
  • fixes a bug with distance calculation after a recording pause
  • updated translation


4 years ago
  • bug fix in the auto-importer for older recordings


4 years ago

Although it might look, as if not much has changed, Trackbook has been re-written completely from scratch. Apart from resulting in better readable code for me, there are also a few new features in here:

  • a Quick Settings tile allows starting a recording with one tap from anywhere
  • the list of previous track allows you to mark your favorite recordings
  • a new Settings screen offers some basic choices, like miles or kilometers, or light mode or dark mode theme


5 years ago
  • fixes a crash


5 years ago
  • new French language version
  • improved Dark Mode
  • updated icon (again)


5 years ago
  • new Danish language version
  • updated translations
  • updated icon


5 years ago
  • fixes a GPX export problem
  • updated translations


5 years ago
  • fixes a crash at startup in some languages


5 years ago
  • user interface: the bottom bar is now white instead of red
  • Swedish translation
  • minor bug fixes