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A short tutorial for Torchtext, the NLP-specific add-on for Pytorch.

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Hello everyone, this is a simple tutorial that covers the basics of torchtext, an add-on package of Pytorch.

It is well-known that Pytorch is a brilliant deep learning library that is much simpler than its counterparts.

This simplicity is further aided by add-ons such as torchvision and torchtext.

However, due to the current lack of documentation, I had trouble understanding how torchtext operates at first and it took me a while to fully realize how many things in NLP can be done (so easily) with it.

This tutorial is to save others from the time that I spent fiddling with and understanding the available features.

Any questions or feedback are greatly appreciated, and if you have any questions / comments / advice / gossip / other nice things to say, you can contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] :-)


  1. Basic knowledge of Pytorch
  2. Pytorch, Torchtext and Spacy installed
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