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Tor(R)anger is a project which include the newest tor git version executable file for windows. which also include the newest git version obfsproxy, other newest git version utilities for tor, and torrc file with new bridges information.

this tor bundle can helps you to circumvent the censorship of gov.

ok, fine, do not use it for illegal purposes. :)

Support/Donate me on TRX-USDT:

Address: TM4JUbhn5sdtZHm58gmuTLVJUbhd3LkgPm


No matter how much you donate, it's okay. Thank You !

Toranger+ Alpha Test for Win/Linux:

the newest WIP verson of Toranger+ would be download at telegram:

in Telegram group version:

Work In Progress Version:

  1. plugin-mode developing...

v1.0.alpha-20230621 Jun/29/2023

Linux x64 Version download. package.
Linux requirements:
1.x86-64 Linux. tested on ubuntu / mint >= 18.x / manjaro 20.x / fedora >= 35
2.glibc >= 2.20.
4.after download package, first using command:

"sudo" to register the dynamic lib path

then run

[Windows x64 Version download] OLDER VERSION THAN LINUX package
Windows requirements:
1.x86-64 windows 7 or above.
2.40M temporary disk space.

report bugs or issues to github or telegram


v3.8.7 Nov/24/2023

v3.8.6 Aug/27/2023

v3.8.5 Jul/15/2023

v3.8.0 May/13/2023

v3.7.5 Mar/01/2023

v3 release history

v2 v1 and old release readme

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