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Simple plugin which allows you to throttle certain activities in your web apps. Uses memcached for speedy implementation and requires Rails 2.1+

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Throttle arbituary operation. Once limit is reached it will raise a Throttle::LimitExeeded exception.


Throttle.for("feed:#{request.remote_ip}", :max => 20, :in => 10.minutes) do render :xml => Articles.all end

If you want to clear the timeout for the current block ( for example: fraud protection. Clear the throttle when the submitted Credit Card was valid. ) your block can accept a yielded throttle object and call the clear method

Throttle.for("cc:#{request.remote_ip}", :max => 20, :in => 10.minutes) do |throttle| if
throttle.clear redirect_to :action => 'done' end end

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