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Some time ago my company announced that they will start capturing and logging all HTTP traffic to and from the company. While I definitely don't spend my time at work surfing the web, I don't appreciate them looking over my shoulder and checking up on everything that I visit and read on the web.

So I wrote a small application which is a very simple, rudementary HTTP proxy server. It handles most HTTP traffic and some very simple FTP traffic (clicking on FTP links from web pages). The code is based on Suzuki Hisao's Tiny HTTP Proxy module. I enhanced it to make it a standalone application. Tiny HTTP Proxy script Usage Examples

Below is the script's help text which shows the accepted options and command line format: proxy [-p port] [-l logfile] [-dh] [allowed_client_name ...]]

-p - Port to bind to -l - Path to logfile. If not specified, STDOUT is used -d - Run in the background

To start the proxy server and bind it to port 22222 (the port on which it will listen and accept connections): proxy -p 22222

To start the proxy server, bind it to port 22222 and tell it to log all requests to the file proxy.log: proxy -p 22222 -l proxy.log

To start the proxy server where it only allows connections from IP proxy

To start the proxy server bound to port 22222, log to file proxy.log and run the server in the background (as a daemon): proxy -p 22222 -l proxy.log -d

(the above information, like the script itself, were taken from

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