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Pure css toggle buttons based on the bootstrap checkbox pattern

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TiTatoggle - (bootstrap 4 addon without JS)

Using awesome toggle buttons without Javascript or any other logic, other than plane form elements. The Pattern is the same as Twitter-Bootstrap. So it can be implemented without a breeze.

Browser support: Internet Explorer 9/10/11, Edge, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, Safari Ios, Stock Android browser 4.2, Chrome Android

Install package:

$ npm install titatoggle --save-dev (Bootstrap 4.x.x)
$ npm install [email protected] --save-dev (Legacy bootstrap 3.x.x)
$ yarn add titatoggle
$ bower install titatoggle

Example usage

<div class="checkbox checkbox-slider--X">
		<input type="checkbox"><span>checked</span>

More examples can be found at the documentation site:Titatoggle

MIT License

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