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Thymble is an Ruby on Rails 5 community-based news platform.

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Thymble is a Ruby on Rails 5 community-based news platform. Much like Reddit or Hacker News, users are identified by pseudonyms and all content posted is generated by users.

Visit for a working demo.

Google, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit have the great power to put whatever they want in front of your eyeballs and shut you up when it's in their best interest. This has been especially evident in the 2016 presidential election.

Since anyone can fork this repository to deploy their own news community site, Thymble helps to decentralize the power of "big tech" companies and "mainstream media" outlets. We develop features based on what we believe makes a strong news site community. If you are a designer or developer that is passionate about changing the centralized landscape of news media, contribute your ideas, code, designs, and help us disrupt the current system and build something new.

General Areas of Emphasis for Development and Features

  • Automated Tests
  • User to Community Interaction
  • User to User Interaction
  • Speed/Performance
  • Personal/Custom Feed of Stories
  • UX

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Thymble is released under the MIT License.

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