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A full-fledged high-performance socks5 proxy server written in C#. Plugin support included.

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About Socks5

Socks5 is a Socks5 proxy server/client written in C#. The server is both high performance and low latency, with maximum throughput thought through.

Socks5 includes massive plugin support, for doing things such as sniffing data, modifying inbound/outbound connections, and even giving the server firewall-like functionality.

Plugin Information

The current plugin list has the following functionality and examples included:

  • Handle connections to the socks5 server and allow/block by IP.
  • Handle/require a login for the Socks5 proxy.
  • Handle/modify incoming and outgoing data.
  • Handle/modify incoming connections, and rewrite them to different domains/addresses & ports.
  • Handle raw socket connections and override them.

Included In This Branch

Just the standard Socks5 library. Socks5Minimal is no longer supported.


Built into the Socks5Client is a small encryption protocol that interfaces perfectly with the Socks5Server. This is exclusive between the client and server and uses a special authentication type for compatibility. The Socks5Client will prefer SocksEncrypt mode on connection but for reverse compatibility, it still has regular Socks5 support.

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