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A Generator of Multidimensional Noise


8 months ago
  • Fixed an integer overflow in the white noise generator


9 months ago
  • Added noise_blue() for generating blue noise texture based on Void-and-cluster algorithm.
  • Move compiled code to cpp11


2 years ago
  • Added a new tidy interface to noise generation, which will be the new recommended way of using ambient. The old array-based constructors will continue to exist as direct interfaces to FastNoise, but the new interface is much more powerful in what you can do. The tidy API consists of

    • The long_grid() constructor that creates a data frame representation of a 1-4D array at user specified grid-points. This class has a range of methods for base generics such as as.matrix(), as.array(), as.raster(), as well as for standard dplyr verbs. The row number encodes the position in the grid, so that the coordinates can be freely manipulated giving rise to very customisable permutations.
    • All noise functions now has a gen_*() version, e.g. gen_perlin(), that takes coordinates, frequency, and seed and return the noise value.
    • A new range of pattern generators has been added as well, e.g. gen_waves(), that has the same interface as the new noise generators.
    • A fracture() function that takes a noise/pattern generator and a fractal function to create a fractal version of the generator. Further, fbm(), billow(), and ridges() are provided as equivalent fractal functions to the ones provided by FastNoise, and a new clamped() fractal function has been added.
    • A trans_affine() function has been added to make linear transformations of the coordinates, along with helpers to build up the transformation matrix.
    • A few modify-helpers has been added, e.g. blend() to help with noise level manipulation.
    • A curl_noise() function that takes a generator and creates curl noise from it has been added.
    • A gradient_noise() in the same vein as curl_noise() has been added for calculating the gradient of scalar noise fields
  • A pkgdown site has been created at