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by something, i ve lost this laptop.

so, this repository was archived. any question please goto google.


This is related to OS X repositories.

Only support Lenovo Thinkpad E440 20C5A08ECD.

Other models are not applicable.

This repositories contains:

  • battary-patch
  • Clover-config
  • kext-list
  • DSDT-source



  • Intel HD4600 Graphic
  • Brightness to Shortcut
  • HDMI support (But HDMI audio can not use)
  • Disabled NVIDA Geforce graphic card under DSDT
  • Cabel Network Support
  • SpeedStepping
  • Sleep
  • USB

Not Working

  • internal WIFI cark: RTL8723 not solution
  • USB not integrated: Shutdown change to restart
  • HDMI Audio not working
  • CONEXANT CX20751/2 Audio (not work to use AppleALC)
  • USB 3.0(just a few problems)


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  • 2019-09-20:

    • update to 10.14.5(Mojave)
    • update Clover to r5070;
    • update all kext and update all driver
    • Upgrade to the new graphics driver methods
    • remove to SD Card Reader(driver norenew)
  • 2017-03-11:

    • Fix Shutdown starts up again(Need change BIOS setting)
    • Add SD Card reader driver thnxSinetek(RTS5227 ID: 0x522710ec)
    • Updata Clover to 4012
  • 2017-02-18:Initial version

    • Realized some moudle include graphic, audio, cable network, keyboard and touchpad
    • Disable Discrete Graphics on DSDT
    • HDMI support (But HDMI audio can not use)
    • Keyboard adjustment(Reference to document)
    • Sleep support(More than 2 hours will be black screen)

How to fix Shutdown

Turn off about Network Wake setting in BIOS

How to use it

Download this and according to Clover boot.


If you have any question, Plese do not hesitate to contact me by using the issue function.

thanks to

Clover Team



pcbeta forum's users

and more OS X hacker


The source code is released under GPL v3 or (at your option) any later version.

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