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:wave: Hey there! Glad you came!

This is my personal configuration of my KDE setup.

:bookmark_tabs: Backstory

I have been using Linux since for over 4 years now.
I started with Gnome, as everyone does, which was
a bit boring. Then I jumped to XFCE with picom,
plank and other config's and even went deeper with
openbox, bspwm, sway, dwm, i3,… But, all this time
was I was really craving was features of a complete
desktop like better integration, not having to merge
elements from one setup to another and when I went
to KDE my Desktop/WM hopping stopped and was finally
happy with what I had. Still over the period of 4 to
5 months. I made a lot of changes to my original setup
and this is what I have now.

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     • ShellZsh 🐚 with Starship 💫
     • Global ThemeSweet 🍬
     • GTK ThemeSweet-dark 🍭
     • Plasma StyleWhiteSur-dark 🖌️
     • ColoursSweet 🍬
     • Window DecorationsSweet-dark 🍭
     • FontsLinotte 🔤
     • IconsCitrus-purple 🍋
     • CursorsLayan-white 🖱️
     • Latte-DockMagical 🎩

━━━━━━ ❖ ━━━━━━

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