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A next-gen web-based graphics framework

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This project has moved to eclipse/sprotty and will be maintained there.


sprotty is a next-generation, open-source, web-based diagramming framework. Some selected features:

  • fast, scalable SVG rendering that is compatible with many browsers and stylable with CSS,
  • animations built into the core,
  • support for a distributed runtime with a diagram client and a model server,
  • a fast, reactive client architecure implemented in TypeScript,
  • a Java-based server architecture,
  • configuration via dependency injection,
  • integration with Xtext, the Language Server Protocol and Theia that can be run as rich-client as well as in the browser..

sprotty demo

Getting started

# clone the repo
git clone [email protected]:theia-ide/sprotty.git

# build sprotty client and examples
cd sprotty/client
yarn examples:build

# build and run the sprotty server
cd ../server
./gradlew jettyRun 

# point your web browser to localhost:8080

For further information please consult the wiki or this blog post. The examples contained in this repository are available on a demo page.

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