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All of this content is subject to the license of the Apple Developer Forums. I make no claims to any of it. This page provides PDF files as an archival format, but the live links to the articles are the preferred access method.


  • 2021-08-25
    • Added: Local Network Privacy FAQ
  • 01-06-2021
    • Added: Keychain sharing
  • 26-05-2021
    • Added: Importing Cryptographic Keys, On Cryptographic Key Formats, What is an exception?
  • 17-05-2021
    • Added Embedding a Command Line Tool in a Sandboxed App
    • Updated NSURLCache and Byte Ranges, Wi-Fi Fundamentals
    • Renamed Using the Multicast Networking Entitlement to Using the Multicast Networking Additional Capability
  • 07-05-2021
    • Added On Filesystem Permissions and Data Vault Info.
    • Updated KWN & ESK’s Puzzle Page: Mutation Madness and Local Network Privacy FAQ.
  • 14-04-2021 Formatting fixes in On FTP and SecItem attributes for keys
  • 24-03-2021 Using the Multicast Special Entitlement
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