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Asana command line client implemented in Go.


Requirements: go

Mac OS X

$ brew tap thash/asana
$ brew install asana


$ go get


$ asana help

   asana - asana cui client ( )

   asana [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


   config, c            Asana configuration. Your settings will be saved in ~/.asana.yml
   workspaces, w        get workspaces
   tasks, ts            get tasks
   task, t              get a task
   comment, cm          Post comment
   done                 Complete task
   due                  set due date
   browse, b            open a task in the web browser
   help, h              Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --help, -h           show help
   --version, -v        print the version


$ asana config
  Settings > Apps > Manage Developer Apps > Personal Access Tokens
  + Create New Personal Access Token

paste your Personal Access Token: _ <Copy Token from URL above and paste it.>

When you paste valid token, your workspaces will be displayed.

2 workspaces found.
[0]    4444444444444 My Project
[1]     999999999999 Work

Choose one out of them: _

Select one workspace. Configurations are saved in ~/.asana.yml.

$ cat ~/.asana.yml

personal_access_token: 0/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
workspace: 4444444444444


asana tasks or asana ts list your tasks.

$ asana ts

0 [ 2014-08-13 ] Write README.
1 [ 2014-08-18 ] Buy gift for coworkers.
2 [ 2014-08-29 ] Read "Unweaving the Rainbow".
3 [            ] haircut

asana task <index> or asana t <index> shows the task in detail. When you run it without index, top of the tasks list will be used.

-v option adds comments and modification histories to the output.

$ asana t -v 0

[ 2014-08-13 ] Write README.
Write for Asana Cli project.


assigned to you (2014-07-07T05:31:18.278Z)
changed the name to "Write README." (2014-07-18T08:52:57.020Z)
changed the due date to August 8 (2014-08-04T10:33:07.168Z)
How about progress?
by Lain Iwakura (2014-08-10T04:17:57.741Z)
moved from Piyo to Hoge (2014-08-11T02:02:53.051Z)
No progress.
by Hash (2014-08-11T01:21:38.014Z)
moved from Hoge to Piyo (2014-08-11T02:02:53.051Z)
changed the due date to August 13 (2014-08-11T10:30:39.785Z)

Complete, set due on a task

To complete task, use asana complete <index> or asana done <index>.

$ asana done 12

To change(or newly set) due date, use asana due <index> <due_date>.

$ asana due 5 2014-08-21

Or, today or tomorrow.

$ asana due 5 today


asana comment <index> or asana cm <index> enable you to post new comment for the task.

$ asana cm 2

This command opens editor. Write comment, save and close.

You can change editor by updating $EDITOR environment variable.

Open a task in the browser

asana browse <index> or asana b <index> will open task in browser.

$ asana browse 1
// => open browser


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