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tfs dashboard for pullrequests across all repos

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TFS PullRequest Dashboard

What is it?

An extension for visual studio team services that adds a hub to the code section of tfs for viewing pull requests across all repositories. To see specific details about features, including screenshots, see

Getting started

Running Locally

To develop and run this project locally, you need to make changes src/app/appConfig.service.ts. Uncomment the commented out lines near the top that set AppConfigService._devMode & AppConfigService._devApiEndpoint. You will need to change _devApiEndpoint to a tfs collection uri that you wish to run against (ex. '' if running against visual studio online, or 'http://mytfsserver:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection' if running against an on-prem server).

With the local changes made, run:

npm install && npm run start

This will serve the dashboard page at localhost:8080/. One caveat is that requests to tfs apis have cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) headers in their repsonses, which means that browsers such as chrome and firefox will not automatically handle authentication with the endpoints, and requests will fail. To work around this issue, either use IE (which does not have this CORS restriction), or run chrome without web security. See for instructions.


To package a new vsix installer for the extension, run:

npm install && npm run package



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