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Generic U-Net Tensorflow implementation for image segmentation

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============================= Tensorflow Unet

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This project is discontinued in favour of a Tensorflow 2 compatible reimplementation of this project found under

This is a generic U-Net implementation as proposed by Ronneberger et al. <>_ developed with Tensorflow. The code has been developed and used for Radio Frequency Interference mitigation using deep convolutional neural networks <>_ .

The network can be trained to perform image segmentation on arbitrary imaging data. Checkout the Usage <>_ section or the included Jupyter notebooks for a toy problem <>_ or the Radio Frequency Interference mitigation <>_ discussed in our paper.

The code is not tied to a specific segmentation such that it can be used in a toy problem to detect circles in a noisy image.

.. image:: :alt: Segmentation of a toy problem. :align: center

To more complex application such as the detection of radio frequency interference (RFI) in radio astronomy.

.. image:: :alt: Segmentation of RFI in radio data. :align: center

Or to detect galaxies and star in wide field imaging data.

.. image:: :alt: Segmentation of a galaxies. :align: center

As you use tf_unet for your exciting discoveries, please cite the paper that describes the package::

  title={Radio frequency interference mitigation using deep convolutional neural networks},
  author={Akeret, Joel and Chang, Chihway and Lucchi, Aurelien and Refregier, Alexandre},
  journal={Astronomy and Computing},
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