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TensorFlow version of SqueezeNet with converted pretrained weights

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TensorFlow version of SqueezeNet with converted pretrained weights. The official github of SqueezeNet creators has some information on SqueezeNet v1.1.

Usage: --in identity.jpg

Current implementation is SqueezeNet v 1.1 (signature pool 1/3/5) without bypasses.

synset_words.txt file is a copy from either caffe or torch tutorials.

Model weights are converted from keras HDF5 model file from

Originally, this SqueezeNet was implemented for style transfer, see the original repository here: The style transfer version contains pretrained weights with classifier chopped off, resulting in even smaller file (<3MB).

Fooling the classifier

The netowork can modify images that will fool the classifier into recognizing the modified image as desired class. Usage: --in identity.jpg --fool 8 will take the input image identity.jpg and generate new image bnased on it, which will be classified as 'n01514859 hen'. Class number is the number of line in the 'synset_words.txt' file minus 1, i.e. starting with 0.


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