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Rendering Text in OpenGL ES 2 on Android

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Rendering Text in OpenGL ES 2 on Android.

An OpenGL ES 2 port of the code by fractious - Rendering Text in OpenGL on Android.

Licensed under CC0 1.0 public domain license, so use it freely, no restrictions at all.

How to use

The provided code includes Texample2 and Texample2Renderer which are a working example of the usage of the code.

For more information, see the original post by fractious. Most of the syntax is unchanged.

See it in action

[TheHunt - Interactive graphical platform for AI experiments] (http://d3kod.github.com/TheHunt---Interactive-graphical-platform-for-AI-Experiments/)

More information

I made a blog post with a bit more information about the implementation steps I took to port the code - Rendering Text in OpenGL 2.0 ES on Android

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