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Quickly try out any Swift pod or framework in a playground

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Test Drive 🚘

Swift 4.1 Marathon SPM @johnsundell

With Test Drive, you can quickly try out any Swift pod or framework in a playground. Simply run testdrive followed by the name of a pod, or the URL to a Git repository, and you will have a playground generated for you in no time!


  • Quickly try out a pod/framework without having to modify your project.
  • Try out multiple pods/frameworks at once - ideal when comparing similar ones.
  • Supports iOS, macOS & tvOS.


🚗 Take a pod for a test drive:

$ testdrive Unbox

🚙 Take a framework from a Git URL for a test drive:

$ testdrive [email protected]:johnsundell/files.git

🚕 Take multiple pods at once for a test drive:

$ testdrive Unbox Wrap

🏎 Take a test drive on a specific platform (iOS is the default):

$ testdrive Unbox -p tvOS

🚓 Use a specific version or branch for your test drive (the latest version is used by default):

$ testdrive Unbox -v 2.3.0
$ testdrive Unbox -v swift3
$ testdrive Wrap --master


The easiest way to install Test Drive is using Marathon:

$ marathon install johnsundell/testdrive

You can also install it using the Swift Package Manager:

$ git clone https://github.com/JohnSundell/TestDrive.git
$ cd TestDrive
$ swift build -c release
$ cp -f .build/release/TestDrive /usr/local/bin/testdrive

Issues + support

I spend almost all of my available time building tools, content and learning materials for the Swift community — all of which are available to everyone, for free. However, since I’m just one person, I do have to prioritize what I spend my time on — and one thing I’m currently not able to offer is 1:1 support for open source projects. That’s why this repository has Issues disabled. It’s not because I don’t want to help, I really do, I’m just simply not able to.

So before you start using this tool, I recommend that you spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with its internals (it’s all normal Swift code), so that you’ll be able to self-service on any issues or edge cases you might encounter.

Thanks for understanding, and I hope you’ll enjoy TestDrive!

— John

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