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This is the Sauce Labs browser provider plugin for TestCafe.

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This plugin integrates TestCafe with the SauceLabs Testing Cloud.


npm install testcafe-browser-provider-saucelabs


Before using this plugin, save the SauceLabs username and access key to environment variables SAUCE_USERNAME and SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY, as described in SauceLabs documentation.

You can determine the available browser aliases by running

testcafe -b saucelabs

If you run tests from the command line, use the browser alias when specifying browsers:

testcafe "saucelabs:Chrome@beta:Windows 10" 'path/to/test/file.js'

If you leave out the browser version, it'll run against the latest stable version:

testcafe "saucelabs:Chrome:Windows 10" 'path/to/test/file.js'

When you use API, pass the alias to the browsers() method:

    .browsers('saucelabs:Chrome@beta:Windows 10')


Use the following environment variables to set additional configuration options:

  • SAUCE_JOB - the text that will be displayed as Job Name on SauceLabs,

  • SAUCE_BUILD - the text that will be displayed as Build Name on SauceLabs.

  • SAUCE_CONFIG_PATH - path to a file which contains additional job options as JSON. See SauceLabs Test Configuration for a full list.

  • SAUCE_CONNECT_OVERRIDES_PATH - path to a file that overrides SauceLabs connector options. See Sauce Connect launcher documentation for more information.

  • SAUCE_CAPABILITIES_OVERRIDES_PATH - path to a file that contains overrides for capabilities. See SauceLabs Test Configuration for details.

  • SAUCE_SCREEN_RESOLUTION - allows setting the screen resolution for desktop browsers in the ${width}x${height} format, has no effect when specified for a mobile browser. See Specifying the Screen Resolution for additional information.

  • SAUCE_API_HOST - if your SauceLabs account is registered in an EU country, you need to specify an EU-based data center, for instance, eu-central-1.saucelabs.com.


export SAUCE_SCREEN_RESOLUTION="1920x1080"
export SAUCE_JOB="E2E TestCafe"
export SAUCE_BUILD="Build 42"
testcafe saucelabs:safari,saucelabs:chrome tests/


Developer Express Inc. (https://devexpress.com)

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