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TengineKit - Free, Fast, Easy, Real-Time Face Detection & Face Landmarks & Face Attributes & Hand Detection & Hand Landmarks & Body Detection & Body Landmarks & Iris Landmarks & Yolov5 SDK On Mobile.

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Apache 2.0

TengineKit, developed by OPEN AI LAB.
TengineKit is an easy-to-integrate AI algorithm SDK. At present, it can run on various mobile phones at very low latency.We will continue to update this project for better results and better performance!


Face Detection & Face 2dLandmark Face 3dLandmark &Iris Upper Body Detection & Uppper Body Landmark Hand Detection & Hand Landmark


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Video( YouTube | BiliBili )

Have a try

  • Apk can be directly downloaded and installed on the phone to see the effect.


  • scan code to download apk



  • Provide best performance in mobile client
  • Provide the simplest API in mobile client
  • Provide the smallest package in mobile client


  • face detection
  • face landmarks
  • face 3dlandmarks
  • face attributes for example: age, gender, smile, glasses
  • eye iris & landmarks
  • body detect
  • hand detect(Real-time, not yet on Mobile)
  • hand landmarks(Real-time, not yet on Mobile)
  • body detect google(Real-time, not yet on Mobile)
  • body landamrks(Real-time, not yet on Mobile)
  • yolov5

Update (2021/03/25)

  • Fixed Linux sample code errer
  • Update Android sample code, up fps
  • update Linux so file
  • update Linux yolov5s
  • Fixed memory(Core v0.0.6)

Performance(Face Detect & Face Landmark)

CPU Time consuming Frame rate
Kirin 980 4ms 250fps
Qualcomm 855 5ms 200fps
Kirin 970 7ms 142fps
Qualcomm 835 8ms 125fps
Kirin 710F 9ms 111fps
Qualcomm 439 16ms 62fps
MediaTek Helio P60 17ms 59fps
Qualcomm 450B 18ms 56fps

Landmark Points Order

Landmark Points Order


About the use of TengineKit and face-related technical exchanges, you can join the following QQ groups(Group Answer:TengineKit):

  • TengineKit communication QQ group: 630836519
  • Scan to join group
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