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Review and document the features of your Ember application in an easy and fun way!

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Acceptance tests are great, they run at machine speed and validate all your features are working as expected, this is awesome, what if we wanted to show a human how our features behave?

Telling stories is an addon that plays your acceptance tests, simulating an actual human using your app, doubling the value of your acceptance tests!

These are main features:

  • See a list of all features contained in your application
  • Demo your features just by clicking play
  • See how a user would interact with the elements of your app
  • Just works™

How does it work?

telling-stories grabs all your acceptance tests and list them so they can be show cased in a convenient way.

In order to reproduce the tests as a user would, telling-stories relies on ember-cli-page-object to interact with the page. This means only tests written using the mentioned addon will enjoy the benefits of telling-stories


$ ember install telling-stories
$ ember serve

Access http://localhost:4200/tests and you should see a new QUnit "Tell me the story" option on the top nav. By enabling it, your tests will run in "human" mode.


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Generate documentation site

To generate a visual documentation site for your app, just run

$ ember build:features

This command generates a documentation site on dist/ folder. You can check it out locally by running

$ cd dist/
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer


$ ember install telling-stories

Building the app with logger enabled

$ DEBUG=telling-stories DEBUG_LEVEL=trace ember build

and then visit your app at http://localhost:4200.


$ npm test


telling-stories is licensed under the MIT license.

See LICENSE for the full license text.

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