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Teamcity REST interface merged to simple JSON feed with visuals to display builds & breakers

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Teamcity Dashboard

:warning: This project has not been updated in 5 years. YMMV.

Dashboard to display useful information from TeamCity and if available merges it with Sonar results. If somebody broke the build it tries to display their gravatar.


  • Compile project (.Net 4.0). This will automatically copy the web.example.config => web.config;
  • Modify the web.config to point to your teamcity, sonar & github + valid credentials;
  • Hook up the site in IIS (.Net 4.0);
  • Visit the dashboard on the configured URL.


The site only shows non-archived projects which contain at least one build config where ‘enable status widget’ is checked. If you want to hide specific build steps (i.e. false positives) disable the 'status' widget in the specific build step. When a build is broken the dashboard tries to retrace which user broke the build by traversing back in history until it finds a succesful build. It then will display the user(s) gravatar of the configured email address.

Sonar integration

The sonar integration is done via configuration in TeamCity. Add the following parameter to your project configuration in TeamCity:

  • sonar.project.key containing the exact project key as found in Sonar

Github integration

For displaying events in your organization (pushes?) to github you can authenticate the dashboard to access your github account. You need to generate an Oauth2 token which is quite easy: curl -i -u "user:pass" -d '{"scopes":["repo"]}' (Documentation: I do not know exactly which scopes are required for what but the repo value let me access the (private) events of my organization which was what i needed.

If you want to display a logo in the interface you can also configure this in TeamCity. Add the following parameter to your project's configuration in TeamCity:

  • dashboard.project.logo.url containing the URL to a image of your application.

Retrieval of the users Gravatar

  • The dashboard can only find the email address of a user if the user has mapped its VCS username to its account. If you see thing in Teamcity like 'changes (4) [email protected]' it might not be linked. This can be configured in the user his settings in TeamCity.

About the font: Segoe UI

The font is copyright by Microsoft. Please visit this link to determine how you can get a licensed version. Fallback is Serif.

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