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1 year ago

v3.0.0 Changelog

  • Note:

    • Your servers have been migrated over from v2 but app settings (including OneSignal) will need to be updated
    • Tautulli v2.10.5+ is recommended to avoid issues with loading some images
    • New servers being registered will require Tautulli 2.10.5 or higher
    • Multiserver activity is now disabled by default and can be enabled under Settings > Advanced Settings
    • Some existing translation work was lost due to the app changes, go to Settings > Help Translate to learn how you can contribute
  • New:

    • The app has had an entire visual overhaul, improving look, usability, and bringing it in more line with Material Design 3
    • Landscape mode is now supported
    • You can long press the app icon to select a quick actions and jump to activity, history, recently added, or settings
    • The multiserver selector has been moved to the inner drawer
    • The activity page will display multiple cards in a row on larger screens
    • The history page now has a search feature
    • A new data dump page has been added under the More section of Settings to assist with troubleshooting
    • There is now the ability to clear the Tautulli server image cache under the server's settings page
    • The library media full refresh action can now be disabled under Settings > Advanced
  • Improvement:

    • The following languages have been added: Albanian, Chinese, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Slovak
    • The activity page now displays more summary information for active streams
    • The history page has improved filter options
    • The selected "stats type" on the statistics page is now saved
    • Card heights will scale based on the system font size
      • This will make more data visible at larger font sizes, but will have diminishing returns. If you are directly impacted by this please reach out so we can work to improve the behavior.
    • Donate page items will display in local currency
    • OneSignal debug logging is available for more in depth troubleshooting
      • This logging needs to be accessed with Logcat (Android) or Xcode (iOS)
  • Fix:

    • Activity items now correctly display HDR for HDR10 and DV content
    • Using either Portuguese language options no longer causes the app to break

v3.0.1 & v3.0.2 Changelog

  • Improvement:
    • New translations for Catalan, French, and German
  • Fix:
    • Custom header refactor process when upgrading from v2 to v3 will no longer cause the app to lock up for some users
    • Using a quick action will no longer cause the activity page to be stuck in the loading state


2 years ago
  • Improvement:
    • Update to Flutter 2.10.3
  • Fix:
    • Fix missing loading indicator on Activity page


2 years ago
  • Improvement:
    • Announcements can now target Android or iOS specifically
    • Added transcode decision to history details
    • New translations for Danish, French, German, Hungarian, and Slovak (Thanks @starscream10, @NathanBnm, @iophobia, @MaddionMax, and @johny106)
  • Fix:
    • Activity details would break when some expected data was missing


2 years ago
  • Fix
    • Would fail to update OneSignal information without custom headers


2 years ago
  • New:
    • Added support for custom HTTP headers (#114)
    • Added Slovak language
  • Improvement:
    • Updated Flutter and packages
    • New translations for Catalan, Danish, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, and Slovak (Thanks @dtalens, @ThomasCSR, @MaddionMax, @janus158, @barbuddah, and @johny106)
  • Fix:
    • Long track names could overflow
    • Refresh Rate setting would say 'Default' instead of 'Disabled.


2 years ago
  • Improvements:
    • iOS no longer requires the app tracking permission. Existing users can safely remove this permission once updated or uninstall/reinstall the app to clear out existing permissions.


2 years ago
  • New:
    • Added Czech and Russian languages
  • Improvements:
    • New translations for Czech, Portuguese (Brazil), and Russian (Thanks @karelkryda, @neitzke, and @barbuddah)
    • Add support for null safe code
  • Fixes:
    • Android notifications would fail when an Image Type was set in Tautulli


2 years ago
  • New:

    • The app drawer has been changed into a new inner drawer, swipe right to easily reveal the drawer
    • Added Catalan and Danish languages
  • Improvements:

    • Network images are now cached, this cache can be cleared under Advanced Settings
    • New translations for Catalan, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), and Swedish (Thanks @dtalens, @Tntdruid, @raoul-m, @bninot, @NathanBnm, @TautulliPiece, @MaddionMax, @janus158, @neitzke, @taduo, @Bllstc, and @bittin)
    • Added a quit button to the setup Wizard
  • Fixes:

    • Enabling iOS notifications now requires the tracking permission (Note: This change was requested by Apple, there has been no change to the data collected)
    • iOS notifications would wait to timeout before displaying
    • Unencrypted iOS notifications were incorrect
    • Fixed history details buttons being clipped on some devices
    • Registration update could send a blank OneSignal Device ID after app version update


2 years ago
  • Improvements:

    • New translations for Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, and German (Thanks @Zucht, @RubenKremer, @neitzke, @CMBoii, @granjerox, and @Jerome2103)
    • Added splash screen for iOS (#135)
    • Add advanced setting to change app language rather than rely only on the system setting (#131)
    • Add option to change app language from the setup wizard
    • Moved Double Tap to Exit (Android) and Mask Sensitive Info under new Advanced Settings menu
  • Fixes:

    • Fix Swedish translations not working
    • Live TV history would display null for missing episode/season number (#133)
    • Read more/less text for summaries was flipped