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Tautulli Remote

A mobile companion app for Tautulli written with Dart and Flutter.

Tautulli Remote is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

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  • Multiple Tautulli server support.
  • View the activity for all your servers from a single page.
  • Terminate streams (requires Plex Pass).
  • View history and filter by user and media type.
  • See synced items for all users and allows you to delete those synced items.
  • Receive encrypted notifications from Tautulli.
  • Navigate through your libraries without going to Plex.
  • Open an item in the Plex app right from Tautulli Remote.
  • Supports basic authentication.
  • Multiple connection addresses with automatic failover.
  • And more!


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If you think you've found a bug in Tautulli Remote make sure you:

  • Update to the latest version of Tautulli Remote and Tautulli
  • Check the Tautulli Remote in-app changelog & announcements.
  • Check the Tautulli and Tautulli Remote logs, you just might find the solution yourself!
  • Check the wiki to see if your issue is mentioned.
  • For basic questions try asking on Discord, or Reddit first before opening an issue.
If nothing has worked:
  1. Please check the issues tracker to see if someone else has already reported the bug. If this is a new bug, open a bug report on the issues tracker.
  2. Provide a clear title to easily help identify your problem.
  3. Use proper Markdown syntax to structure your post.
  4. Make sure to fill out the required information on the issue template.
  5. Close your issue when it's solved! If you found the solution yourself please comment so that others benefit from it.

Feature Requests

  1. Pleases check the issues tracker to see if someone else has already requested the feature. If a similar idea has already been requested, give it a thumbs up. Do not comment with +1 or something similar as it creates unnecessary spam.

  2. If this is a new feature request, open a feature request on the issues tracker.


Weblate is used for translations and your help with localizing Tautulli Remote would be greatly appreciated! If your language is not listed below please open a new language request on the issues tracker.

Translation status


You can help improve Tautulli Remote! Check out the Contribution Guide to get started.



This is free software under the GPL v3 open source license. Feel free to do with it what you wish, but any modification must be open sourced. A copy of the license is included.

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