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2 months ago

What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/tainacan/tainacan/compare/0.19.3...0.20.0


6 months ago

What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/tainacan/tainacan/compare/0.19.2...0.19.3


6 months ago

What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/tainacan/tainacan/compare/0.19.1...0.19.2


9 months ago

What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/tainacan/tainacan/compare/0.18.10...0.19


1 year ago

What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/tainacan/tainacan/compare/0.18.7...0.18.8


1 year ago

Tainacan Beta 0.18.7


  • Dynamic loading of scripts from Tainacan's admin panel


  • Shortcuts to Tainacan Admin from WordPress bar
  • Sort Collections and Items by "last updated"
  • Choose default sorting of a list of items
  • Contextualize a search better with "Read-only Tags"
  • Select items across multiple pages
  • Filter by selected items
  • Metadata Placeholders
  • Confirmation of Agreement of Terms in the Item Submission Block


  • Block Transformations
  • Deprecation of the static block of the Items List
  • Tainacan items can now be loaded into non-Tainacan blocks
  • Metadata Mapper and Importer Screen Improvements
  • Line breaks in metadata names when displayed in "expanded" mode
  • Line breaks in metadata values in Checkbox type settings
  • External images as document - new option in the document type URL form that makes it easy to use images not hosted on your WordPress;
  • Full hierarchy display in textual search results in the list of terms;
  • More efficient loading of items in the term carousel and collection carousel blocks;
  • Improvements of VARIOUS terms in the English translation;

Bug Fixes

  • Spacing adjustment for checkbox lists that were hiding non-scrolling terms
  • Prevents the creation of Taxonomies with the same slug
  • Fixes insertion of early day dates for locations with a positive time zone relative to the meridian
  • Fixes date validation in CSV importer
  • Fixes bug where, if the constant TAINACAN_FACETS_DISABLE_FILTER_ITEMS was enabled, searching for facets returned private items even when not logged in
  • In the item submission block, if the option to show collapses was disabled, they now add up even within compound metadata
  • Also in the submission block, clearer warning in the interface when the reCaptcha setting is missing;
  • "Created by" and "Created at" metadata were not disappearing from the list of items when unchecked in the dropdown;
  • Activity list was not being displayed on the item screen
  • Function that listed the metadata of an item for themes was not working when only one metadata object was passed;
  • Prevents embeds with invalid characters from generating warnings in the media gallery;

For developers

  • Taxonomies for Collections - initial implementation
  • Search in "relationship relations"


We now have Tainacan in Greek!


1 year ago

Tainacan Beta 0.18.6 - Detailed Item Relationship, New Tags, + options for Blocks and embeded URL Document

New features

  • Metadata displayed in the relationship
  • Editing a relation directly from the item
  • Metadata edition modal
  • Limit the amount of multiple metadata values
  • Creating new terms via item submission form
  • More options for the Document type URL
  • Color text for Tainacan Blocks
  • New features for the carousel blocks
  • Select Items Manually in the Dynamic Item Block


  • New filter tags
  • Adjustments to input fields with multiple checkboxes
  • Forcing the image crop on items carousel
  • Items, collections and terms in gutenberg blocks now open in the same tab, instead of a new one.
  • Improved search efficiency;

For developers only

  • New tainacan-blocks-facets-list-update event;
  • Updated most blocks to the Gutenberg apiVersion 2.