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This repository contains a single Eclipse project with sources for all demos shown in the Tabris Screencasts. The steps to get this running are described here. After running this project the following Entrypoints are available:

To list all available Entrypoints: http://SERVER:9090/index.json

Please replace SERVER with your ip address.

IMPORTANT: Virtual Tree

To run the virtual tree example you need to download the Enron Email Dataset to your local machine. After this is done you need to change the constant DEFAULT_DATASET_DIR within the com.eclipsesource.tabris.demos.enron.EnronExample class to point to your maildir destination. After this please point your web browser to http://SERVER:9090/virtual-tree. It may take som eminutes before the ui will be displayed because the example needs to create some .index files. Don't worry, this happens only once.


There are some build projects located in the build directory. The build compiles the demo project into a war file that can be deployed on a servlet container. The build uses Maven Tycho and can be launched when Maven 3 is installed. Simply step to the build/ folder and run "mvn clean verify". After the build has succeeded you will find the .war file within the build/com.eclipsesource.tabris.demos.product/target folder.

Alternatively you can use the Eclipse m2e Tooling and run the launch configuration located in build/


The code is published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License, version 1.0.

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