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Collection of film emulation presets for open-source RAW developer software Darktable.


3 years ago
  • New style: Fuji Fortia SP 50.
  • New style: Kodak Ektachrome 100 G.
  • New style: Agfa Vista 100.
  • New style: Agfa Vista 200.
  • New style: Agfa Vista 400.
  • New style: Kodak ColorPlus 200.
  • New style: Kodak Gold 200.
  • New style: Kodak Ultra Max 400.
  • Scripts supporting for Darktable 3.0.x database.
  • Option for hierarchical view.
  • Tweaks in most of existing styles.


4 years ago
  • Updated all Kodak Portra NC/VC/UC.
  • New uninstaller script for Windows.
  • Smaller tweaks on all Fuji Pro.
  • Smaller tweaks on Kodak Ektachrome and Ektar.
  • Smaller tweaks on Kodak Kodakchrome films.
  • Smaller tweaks on Kodak Portra films.
  • Smaller tweaks on Fuji Provia films.


5 years ago
  • Updated all Fuji Pro and Astia 100F films.
  • Updated all Kodak Porta films.
  • Updated all Ektachrome and Ektachrome.
  • Smaller tweaks on Kodak Kodakchrome films.


6 years ago

Updated Fuji Pro 400H and 800Z. Updated Fuji Provia 100F. Updated Kodak Kodachrome 64 and Kodak Kodachrome 200. Updated Kodak Ektar 100. Fixes in uninstall script: fixed typos and colors, script now more resilient (thanks Marek for the changes).


6 years ago

Updated Kodak Portra styles (mostly the new ones, the non UC/VC/UC presets). Updated Fuji Pro styles (160Z, 400H, 800H). Updated Fuji Provia styles. Updated Kodak Kodachrome styles. Support for Darktable 2.2. New style removal script, both for uninstall and upgrade. Fix: Velvia 50 wasn't enabling the module


7 years ago

First version with initial set of presets.