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Symfony Form Standalone

This library allows to use symfony forms standalone without symfony framework and without pulling its dependencies.

Current dependencies list:

  • symfony/form
  • symfony/templating


composer require lostedboy/symfony-form-standalone

Basic Usage

Create form:

// index.php
use Symfony\Form\Standalone\FormBuilder;
use Symfony\Form\Standalone\Templating\FormTemplating;

// create form builder
$formBuilder = new FormBuilder();

// create form
$form = $formBuilder->create($formType, $mappedEntity);


// create templating handler
$formTemplating = new FormTemplating();

// get templating engine
$templating = $formTemplating->getTemplating();

// create form view
$formView = $form->createView();

// render form partial
echo $templating->render('form.html.php', array('form' => $formView));

Render form (see: Symfony Form Rendering)

// form.html.php 
<?php echo $view['form']->form($form) ?>

Render customization

// index.php
use Symfony\Form\Standalone\Templating\FormTemplating;

$formTemplating = new FormTemplating(
    // register directories with forms usages here
    // put form theme templates in some directory
    // register this directory in FormTemplating

Follow Symfony Guide


Any custom translator can be used. It should implement Symfony\Form\Standalone\Translation\TranslatorInterface

// index.php
use Symfony\Form\Standalone\Templating\FormTemplating;

$formTemplating = new FormTemplating([], [], new CustomFormTranslator());


Symfony Validator Component can be used

Install composer require symfony/validator Register validator extension:

// index.php
use Symfony\Form\Standalone\FormBuilder;
use Symfony\Component\Validator\Validation;

// create form builder
$formBuilder = new FormBuilder();

// configure validator
$validator = Validation::createValidatorBuilder()
        // paths to validation files (optional) 
        __DIR__ . '/config/validation/some_entity.yml'

// register extension
$formBuilder->addExtension(new ValidatorExtension($validator);


This bundle is under MIT license

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