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An Enum to Switch statement extension for XCode

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SwitchIt 🔄

An Enum to Switch statement extension for XCode that is built to work with both Swift and Objective-C.

What made me build it?

I created it because I hate wasting time typing out all of the switch statements by hand.


Lets say you have a regular enum defined somewhere in your code. You'd go to the definition and highlight the area using your cursor. Once you've done this just go to Editor > SwitchIt > Create Switch to generate your full switch statement. See the output for both Swift and Objective-C below:

Alt text Alt text

Do you not like separating out all of your enum types on different lines? Well, we still have you covered there too. Check out the extra examples below:

Alt text Alt text


Finding it too slow to move your mouse to the Editor menu all the time? Create a shortcut for SwitchIt by going to XCode > Preferences > Key Bindings and filter by SwitchIt. From there you can assign any keyboard shortcut you like.


  • Clone/Download the repo
  • Open SwitchIt.xcodeproj
  • Enable target signing for both the Application and the XCode Extension using your own developer ID
  • Select the application target and then Product > Archive
  • Export the archive as a macOS App
  • Run the app, then you can quit it but dont delete it
  • Go to System Preferences -> Extensions -> Xcode Source Editor and enable the SwitchIt extension
  • The menu-item should now be available from Xcode's Editor menu



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